What is a Lunar Magic Crate?

The moon works in cycles. It goes into stages of light and dark. It is always there, but we can't always see it. Each cycle has energy that surrounds it. Sometimes that energy is a motivator and helps with actionable things and sometimes it wanes and just requires rest. This is also true of our lives. We go through stages of happy, motivated, productive, light times and stages of shadow when we sometimes need to do some self-reflecting and just rest and work on ourselves. One thing is constant though, it is always just a cycle, with hope and promise that we will go through both dark and light times. Dark times are not bad, they remind us that we need time to grow and self-reflect and go within. They help us to appreciate the light times even more. 

With each lunar cycle, you can work to create your own magic by setting intentions for each moon phase. By tracking your progress through the phases, you also can see firsthand how in order to achieve goals, we sometimes need to take small steps or let things go in order to prevent exhaustion and burning out which results in quitting the very thing you are working towards. I never realized how much I was putting things off or just letting time fly by and not living my dreams until I started tracking the lunar cycles. 

I want to help you achieve your goals and make your magic! The Lunar Magic Crate is custom curated by me each month according to the lunar cycle and the zodiac signs they travel through for that month. There are tools in each crate to help you through each phase of the lunar cycle from new moon through full moon. My hope is that you will find these tools and supplies incredibly helpful with whatever your goals are for the cycle. Some of the things you will find in your crate are crystals, herbs, incense, fire safe vessels to burn your incense in, book of shadows pages/information pages to help you get to know your supplies a little better. 

You will also get access to a free Facebook group where you will find more useful things like DIY videos giving you some ideas on how you can use your supplies and tools and some group rituals.