My name is Nikki and I am a witch. I am a gypsy. I am a feminist. I AM. We live in a world of labels, where we are told we need to identify who we are and what we stand for on a regular basis. Our gender, our race, our sexual orientation, our religion. We are put into categories on forms and in conversations. People place judgement on us over opinions they have heard other people say. People generate fear based on things they think they know about who we are…Well I believe that’s bullshit.

I am a witch because to me, it represents strength, wisdom, love, healing, and general badassery.

I am a gypsy because to me, it represents a love of travel and wonder, culture and acceptance.

I am a feminist because to me, it represents unwavering confidence, determination, and will power.

I started The Gypsy Witch Collective to help create a group of like-minded women who need or want to raise the vibration. To help women step up and stand in their power. To help YOU create your own magic. To help YOU create your own goals and write your own story. You decide what happens, and I want to watch that story grow into something so amazing. When I started on my witchy self-discovery journey a couple years ago, I had NO idea the rabbit hole of information I would find. I found it in bits and pieces, strewn about. I always felt like I was just missing something important. I want to help guide you on your path and help you with the resources you need. I wish someone had helped guide me and given me suggestions on ways I could incorporate magic into my daily life. So that is my intention.

The world is cyclic. There is no start or end, just cycles that repeat over and over again. There are highs and there are lows. It is what keeps us in a constant state of change and learning. This is something that took a long time for me to discover. It is why I can now embrace the darker times with the super light times. I learned this when I started learning about the moon. For my entire lifetime (well this one at least), I have always lived in awe of her beauty. She lights the way and shows us the path when it's dark. She is always there even when she can’t be seen, to guide and inspire. She inspires us to embrace the dark because without dark, we cannot find the light.

I created the Lunar Magic Crate for the new witch who doesn’t know how to use tools, for the Midwest witch who can’t just walk down the block for tools, for the last minute witch who finally has time to sit down and do a ritual or spell for ten minutes and then realizes she doesn’t have everything she needs or wants to complete it and sets it aside rarely to be finished. I was all of those witches. My goal is to give you everything you need each month to get you through an entire lunar cycle and possibly even have some leftovers to keep in your apothecary, witch cabinet, cupboard under the stairs, wherever you stash your witchy things. You will find things like incense, herbs, crystals, ritual kits, etc. in each crate. You can also expect to find book of shadows pages/informational pages in EVERY crate, as well as access to a Facebook group where you will get DIY videos on how to use the supplies in your crate as well as some New and Full Moon ritual ideas and other freebies. If you aren’t a witch that’s OK! This stuff is totally for you too! If you are still in the broom closet, that is OK! If you have to hide your tarot decks when people come over that is OK!

 This isn’t just about the box of tools. This is about the magic and wisdom we as women inherently have. It lives within us. It is our job to tap into it and use it to make this world a better place. The tools are just that, tools. They can help you should you need them. I personally focus better with tools and things. To help witches figure out how to use things like lavender to make their own bath bombs to have a relaxing self-love bath, or learn to journal to get to know yourself better, or light incense not just because it smells amazing, but to meditate with it and really learn who you are and why you should step into that power and light and be the strong, confident person you can be.

I hope you will join The Gypsy Witch Collective and find the Lunar Magic Crate useful for creating your own magic every day!