Who am I?

My name is Nikki. I am a traveler, a creative, a free spirit, a wife, and a boss witch. I give all I have and I am selfish when I need to be. I can be super productive or completely lazy. I retain facts and information well and that annoys people sometimes. I know things, lots of things. I enjoy teaching, relaxing, creating things, and thoroughly taking my time for me. I am a hippie but I also like structure in some aspects. I want to be organized but the more I want that and try to be that, the more unorganized I become. I love helping people realize their potential. I love it when someone finally "gets it" for the first time, or unlocks a level in life they haven't experienced yet. I am a dreamer but also a realist. I am a skeptic but also believe in my hopes and dreams with blind abandon. 

My hope for this company is to create things that help you live your best life day in and day out. The items I sell will hopefully help you bring a little of your own magic out in the little moments but also in the big moments, whether it's a sticker in your planner to remind you there is a full moon and you get to release all of the extra chaotic energy you've taken on during your work week, or a cauldron to burn your incense in that helps you focus on the dreams you want to turn into reality. Whatever it is that makes you a little happier, a little more grateful, or just a little more magical, I hope you find that here. I also hope you join us in the Facebook group to chat and learn and collectively lift the vibration. I have created this space for the collective of the greater good. I want like minded people to come and share their stories and become better people through this community. Come hang out with us!